• Posted 13-Jul-2016

Overview of innovation performance in the EU

According to a recent report entitled “Science, research and innovation performance of the EU”, there is a clear link between growth in the EU and investment in research and innovation. In this context, the European Commission released on 14 July 2016 the 2016 results of the European Innovation Scoreboard, the Regional Innovation Scoreboard and the Innobarometer, which provide an overview of the innovation performance in the EU.

The main findings of the three reports are among others:

· The fastest growing innovators are Latvia, Malta, Lithuania, the Netherlands and the UK.

· Overall, the key driver of becoming an innovation leader is to adopt a balanced innovation system which combines an appropriate level of public and private investment, effective innovation partnerships among companies and with academia, as well as a strong educational basis and excellent research.

· Specialisation in Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) increases regional innovation performance.

· Over the next two years the EU's innovation performance is expected to improve.

More information: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-16-2486_en.htm