An organisation can participate in the EOC either as a Full Member (ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION 4.800 EUR) or as an Associate Member (ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION 1.000 EUR).

EOC Member's Rights

All the members enjoy the following services:

  1.     Access to processed, valid, and timely information concerning EU funding opportunitites.
  2.     Access to the check list service for targeted information on EU funding programmes.
  3.     Identify specific programmes based on each organisation's priorities.
  4.     Offering general guidance concerning the preparation of proposals.
  5.     Access and utilisation of the EOC Brussels Office facilities.
  6.     10% discount on the services provided by the Accredited Advisors of the EOC.

Additional advantages of the Full Member, which differentiate the cost of subscription, are as follows:    

  1. Access to the Charter of Deadlines and Weekly Overviews, via password, for accurate and timely information about the calls for proposals and relevant partner searches.
  2. Analytical and targeted reports on policies that concern the priorities of the full member.
  3. Staff visits for training by the officers of the EOC, for the promotion of the specific goals of the organisation concerned.
  4. Lobbying.
  5. 20% discount on the services provided by the Accredited Advisors of the EOC.
  6. Priority in finding and arranging partners concerning the European projects.
  7. Priority on the use of services of the EOC Brussels Office.
  8. Overview of EU decisions on issues that affect the priority areas of the Meembers of the EOC, which can give rise to new proposals.
  9. Representing EOC members by the EU liaison officers at various meeting or sessions that take place in Brussels and concern the topics of their interests, at low cost.
  10. Free participation in educational seminars organised by the EOC, mainly for the preparation and management of proposals for European Programmes.
  11. In-house visits for seminars and presentations for the preparation of proposals and management of projects for European Programmes.

The Associate members will be represented in the Administrative Council by an elected representative with voting rights, who will be elected among the associate members.    

Who to become a member of the EOC?

The European Office of Cyprus welcomes all private and public organisations, associations, municipalities and voluntary organisations from all EU countries and beyond that wish to use the EU opportunities and receive intelligence on European developments. Any organisation interested in becoming a member of the EOC should simply send a "letter of intent" to the Executive Committee with the membership form and a copy of its statutes.

The International Full Member (ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION 4.800 EUR) may be an Organization, private or public, which is legally registered at its country of origin (Legal Entity). For subscription as International Member, please click here. In addition, from 2010, the EOC will be accepting subscriptions only for access to the Charter of Deadlines (ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION 300 EUR). For more information, please click here. For subscription to the Charter of Deadlines, please click here.