• Event Date: 07-Apr-2021

EIT Digital 2022 Information Session

EIT Digital are holding an online information session on activities planned for 2022 and the EIT Digital Call, on 7 April 2021.

EIT Digital 2022 is aimed at entrepreneurial minds planning to launch or boost a digital tech venture and product (Innovation Factory), or to deliver entrepreneurial digital tech education programmes (Entrepreneurial Academy). The call for proposals will open on 7 April and close on 12 May, with the selection of projects finalised by the end of June 2021 and activities are expected to start on 1 January 2022.

Current and prospective partners are invited to join the dedicated info session to learn more about the EIT Digital 2022 call, with further information, link to registration and a full agenda available on the event website.


10h00 Introduction by Guillaume Toublanc (Node Director France & Switzerland) 1

0h15 Objectives of the EIT Digital 2022 Innovation Factory by Chahab Nastar (Chief Research and Innovation Officer)

10h30 Sourcing & co-designing innovation activity proposal by Guillaume Toublanc (Node Director France & Switzerland)

10h45 Innovation Factory Success Stories by Innovation Leader

11h00 Objectives of the EIT Digital 2022 Entrepreneurial Academy by Roberto Prieto (Chief Education Officer)

11h10 I&E education by Andrea Paoli (Head of Master School)

11h20 Professional School by Asja Kamenica (Head of Professional School)

11h35 Summer School by Sergio Balassone (Head of Summer School)

11h50 Wrap up

Source: Event Website (https://bit.ly/2Pp29sT)