• Posted 17-Nov-2020

European Digital Skills and Jobs Platform: project team starts work

The work on the European Digital Skills and Jobs Platform has started in September. The objective is to develop and manage a key tool for boosting digital skills in Europe. It will offer information, resources, overview of training and funding opportunities and a community space for networking and collaboration both on European and national level.

Coordinated by European Schoolnet, the consortium that won the tender and will develop the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform (DSJP), consists of TremendDIGITALEUROPELIKTAEuropean DIGITAL SME AlliancePublic Libraries 2030 and subcontractor empirica. The project team brings together a strong and varied mix of expertise and experience as well as the capacity to address and engage a wide community of stakeholders.

Presently, information on digital skills intelligence, training opportunities and funding is often fragmented, whereas it hardly makes it across state boarders. In order to reduce this fragmentation, the consortium team will develop, launch, and actively populate with content the European Digital Skills and Jobs Platform – a one-stop-shop for the community and anyone interested in digital skills and jobs.

The Platform will provide free access to high quality information, training, and support, helping users advance their knowledge, further their careers, and add value to their organisations. Users will get a chance to learn about good practices, certification and European and national initiatives in one place. They will find up- and re-skilling opportunities and browse through a calendar of physical and online events.

The Platform will bring together the whole digital skills community from all across Europe. It will be a tool for the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, for organisations and individuals and it will provide a collaborative space to work and grow together. It will empower the National Coalitions with opportunities to cooperate, share resources, and improve their visibility and knowledge. In the future, the Platform will will also offer smart functionalities such as a self-assessment tool or personalised user experience.

As a result, the Platform will play a strategic role in addressing the growing digital skills gap across different business sectors and society groups, such as the shortage of ICT specialists and the need for upskilling/reskilling of Europeans in digital technologies.

Source: Digital Single Market News (https://bit.ly/3kDOuYu)