• Posted 14-Sep-2020

Europe invests in research on the batteries of the future

The Battery 2030+ large-scale research initiative entered a new phase on 1 September 2020 with the start of 7 research projects. The total budget of the projects is €40,5 million funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

The BIG-MAPINSTABATSENSIBATSPARTACUSBAT4EVERHIDDEN and the BATTERY 2030PLUS projects will work together within the Battery 2030+ initiative in order to create new generations of battery technologies. The research initiative aims to invent new type of batteries with ultra-high performance (both in power and in their capacity to store energy) that are safe and have the lowest environmental impact possible. Specifically, the projects are operating in the following three areas:

  • Development of a European infrastructure platform to combine large-scale calculations and experimental studies to map the complex reactions that take place in a battery.
  • Development and integration of sensors that examine and report on the battery’s health in real time.
  • Development of self-healing components that extend battery life and improve safety.

The technologies to be developed by the projects will strengthen Europe's research position in the field of batteries and fuel the longer-term competitiveness of a new European industry in a sector essential for the transition to electric mobility and for increasing the share of renewable energy.

The projects kick-start the implementation of the research roadmap of Battery 2030+ published in March 2020. The document describes the research areas that will help the development of new sustainable batteries and contribute to the green future of Europe.

All projects will run for three years starting 1 September 2020. They involve altogether more than 100 different universities, research institutes and companies spread across Europe.

Source: Digital Single Market News (https://bit.ly/2GZ6RsL)