• Posted 28-Jul-2020

Latest publications by the JRC - EU4FACTS - Evidence for Policy Community

The European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) has recently published through the EU4FACTS - Evidence for Policy Community resources, to assist the research community in having an impact on policy.

The JRC operates at the interface between evidence production and policymaking as part of the Commission's decision-making process as they support EU policies with independent evidence throughout the whole policy cycle, by producing, managing and making sense of scientific knowledge.

In this regard, the JRC’s EU4FACTS - Evidence for Policy Community has released within the past week 3 publications which aim to provide the necessary help to the research and scientific community in order to have an effective impact in policy making.

Science for Policy Handbook

The Science for Policy Handbook provides advice on how to bring science to the attention of policymakers. It is dedicated to researchers and research organisations aiming to achieve policy impact. The handbook puts together advice on new skills and practices for individual researchers, but also discusses elements of institutional change – knowledge areas and processes in which to invest. It also puts co-creation at the centre of Science for Policy 2.0 which is a more integrated model of knowledge-policy relationship.

The Practice of Informing Policy Through Evidence – Training Material

The Practice of Informing Policy Through Evidence is a 2-day professional training course on assessing science, understanding policymaking processes and gaining insight into the interaction between the different paradigms in which scientists, policymakers and politicians operate. It aims to help scientists to become reflexive practitioners, mastering the complex task of providing the appropriate knowledge and services with confidence, skill and respect for their scientific and institutional values.

10 Tips for Researchers: How to achieve impact on policy

As already mentioned, the JRC has the mission to bring science and knowledge to the attention of EU policymakers, especially today that major policy challenges have to faced. These challenges, cannot be solved without sound scientific evidence. As such, the JRC has released 10 Tips for Researchers aiming to achieve policy impact, based on the JRC’s practice at the science-policy interface.

More resources released by the JRC can be found here.