• Event Date: 17-Nov-2020

Save the Date: UniLiON Annual Conference 2020

Future-proofing the universities of the future: Learning from COVID-19 pandemic and looking ahead.

The world is still adapting to a new reality that was unfathomable few months ago. With university closures, the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced abrupt changes in teaching and learning and interupted the majority of reseach activites. This health crisis provides us with a unique opportunity to explore new approaches to deliver high quality education, excellent science and innovations that are more than ever needed to build a different model of society.

This conference will review direct and knock-on impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic that are reshaping the role of universities and address actionable EU policy recommendations to improve resilience and preparedness across higher education and research institutions. The role that our universities play in the fight against the pandemic will also be assessed.

More information: https://www.unilion.eu/?p=2038