• Posted 09-Jun-2020

History and its Effect on today’s Youth (HEY)

The project History and its Effects of today’s Youth (HEY) is based on the idea that understanding history is crucial to developing a united Europe.

Our vision is to create a common understanding of how wars and conflicts, extremist views and migration issues have a reciprocal effect, and look at how these factors challenge the way we teach history to our students. Each country has its own dramatic past that shapes how history is taught in classrooms. The partner schools in HEY is selected based on a desire to bringing a broad range of historical events into the project.

The coordinating school from Norway is Greåker videregående skole, and along with schools from Cyprus (Lykeio Aradippou “Tasos Mitsopoulos), Greece (2o Geniko Lykeio Rodou "Kazoulleio"), Croatia (Srednja skola Ban Josip Jelacic), and Spain (IES Consaburum), create a vibrant and dynamic community of teachers and students. The Cypriot team consists of 30 students from all ages, four teachers and a vice principal. The project has been extended to 2022 due to the covid-19 pandemic.