• Posted 30-Oct-2019

EPRS Briefing on EU Strategy for International Cooperation in Research and Innovation

The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) has published a briefing on the implementation of the EU Strategy for International Cooperation (INCO) in Research and Innovation, which underpins the international cooperation aspects of Horizon 2020 and science diplomacy efforts of the EU.

The briefing provides a brief overview of the Strategy, published in 2012, and the main EU programmes that implement it, including Horizon 2020, COST and Eureka. It then proceeds to describing the EU's S&T Agreements with non-EU countries and highlights the main findings from the bi-annual INCO monitoring reports that the Commission published in 2014, 2016 and 2018. The publication also looks at how the Strategy has shaped the EU's science diplomacy efforts in the last years and provides examples of relevant projects funded by Horizon 2020.

Finally, the briefing looks into the future and examines what improvements can be made in the area of international cooperation under Horizon Europe – the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Source: UKRO