• Posted 10-Oct-2017

Cyprus fights for equality!

Gender equality is a topic of great concern in Cyprus, and around the world. Concerns over the conditions of maternity and paternity leaves, but also flexible working hours (or lack thereof!) arise on a daily basis, occupying businesses and parliamentary committees alike.

Although the European Directives are very clear, in Cyprus only 22% of women occupy managerial posts, while there is an average difference of 15.8% in hourly earnings between women and men.

The project “Breaking the Mould: Promoting Gender Equality in Cyprus” aims to encourage companies in Cyprus, and particularly SMEs, to implement simple family-friendly measures such as more flexible working arrangements for men. The awareness campaign is targeted specifically to men in an attempt to help diminish the stereotype that domestic work does not fit in with the traditional image of masculinity. In order to maximize the reach of the campaign to the general public, the project team has implemented a series of actions to increase awareness and ultimately encourage individuals and companies alike to promote gender equality among them.

The project is funded by the European Commission and implemented by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, the National Machinery for Women’s Rights, the Office of the Commissioner for Gender Equality, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies and IMH. 

For further information, please visit the website www.breakingthemouldcy.com or send us an email at: events@imhbusiness.com