• Posted 08-Oct-2018

With a total funding of € 3,840,000 the Center of Applied Neuroscience of the University of Cyprus

Significant European action undertaken by the Psychology Department under the coordination of the Center of Applied Neuroscience, University of Cyprus.

  • Posted 08-Oct-2018

Work 4.0: Digitization’s and Automation’s impact on Jobs - knowledge e-platform and workshop

The consortium of the Erasmus+ project “Jobs for Work 4.0” has created a new E-platform aimed for Job Councillors, VET trainers and institutional stakeholders like Labour Unions and Ministerial technocrats concerned with the automation/digitization’s impact on the labour market.

  • Posted 08-Oct-2018

“Visual/ Video Literacies”- Be a part of a Visual World of learning!

“Visual/ Video Literacies” explores how visual communication strategies, visual thinking techniques, and visual technologies can be used to make teaching more visual.

  • Posted 08-Oct-2018


The European Office of Cyprus participated in the Information and networking days on the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020.

  • Posted 05-Oct-2018

European Day of Languages 2018 - Multilingual Festival

The European Office of Cyprus participated in the successful event European Day of Languages 2018.