• Posted 28-Jul-2016

Social Sciences support for the Energy Union

Completing the Energy Union remains a critical component in Europe's transition towards the decarbonized energy system of the future. Over and above the many technological challenges, a number of cross-cutting issues need to be better understood, like among others, the socio-political and socioeconomic aspects of the energy transition. In this context, a new call for proposals has been published under the framework of Horizon 2020 within the pillar “Societal Challenges”.

The call for proposals refers to the topic: “Social Sciences and Humanities Support for the Energy Union” - LCE-31-2016-2017, in the context of which, proposals should address one, or a combination, of the following issues:

· Socioeconomic incentive structures that encourage or discourage energy-responsible behaviour; and

· Political, institutional, and organizational frameworks that condition and structure citizen participation, including questions of inclusiveness, gender, democracy, organizational formats and business models.

The topic refers to “Research and Innovation Actions” while the total budget for this topic is 10 million EUR, with 100% funding rate. Interested parties should submit their proposals until 29 November 2016 (for Stage 1) and 22 August 2017 (for Stage 2).

More information: http://tinyurl.com/hhkghnt