• Posted 05-Dec-2018

New Version of the Participant Portal

As of Friday 30 November, the changes of the new Participant Portal took effect and the new Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal replaced the previous version.

  • Posted 05-Dec-2018

Final Report of the High-Level Panel of the European Decarbonisation Pathways Initiative

A panel of experts has published their final report on the role of research and innovation in achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement and supporting decarbonisation in key industries.

  • Posted 05-Dec-2018

European Parliamentary Research Service Briefing Paper on Horizon Europe

The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) has recently published a EU Legislation in Progress briefing paper on Horizon Europe.

  • Posted 05-Dec-2018

Commission Proposes Second Draft EU Budget for 2019

On 30th of November, the European Commission proposed its second draft EU budget for 2019, which includes, €12.5 billion for Horizon 2020 and €2.73 billion for Erasmus+.

  • Posted 30-Nov-2018

New EC Guidance on Ethics and Data Protection for Horizon 2020 Projects

The European Commission has recently published a guidance note on ethics and data protection, which sets out to ensure that all projects are guided by ethical considerations.