• Posted 17-Feb-2020

Report from the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors

A report titled "Informing European Commission Policy Making with Scientific Evidence" has been published by the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors, an independent scientific advice service on policy for the College of Commissioners.

The report highlights the scientific advice that has been provided by the group and the policy impacts that this advice has led to. Topics contained within the report include:

  • Closing the Gap Between Light-Duty Vehicle Real-World CO2 Emissions and Laboratory Testing
  • Cyber Security in the European Digital Single Market
  • New Techniques in Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Food From the Oceans
  • Novel Carbon Capture and Utilisation Technologies
  • EU Authorisation Process of Plant Protection Products
  • Environment and Health Risks of Microplastic Pollution
  • Scientific Advice to European Policy in a Complex World

The report also describes forthcoming scientific advice and looks at the broader impacts of the group beyond policy.

Source: UKRO