• Posted 25-Oct-2019

New EU projects on interactive and immersive technologies

The objective of the Horizon call on Interactive technologies (ICT-25-2018-2020) is to support European industries and a competitive and sustainable ecosystem of European technology providers in interactive technologies.

Coordination & Support Action

The XR4ALL project   aims to strengthen the European Extended  Reality/immersive technology industry and to accelerate its growth, connecting startups, companies, and investors active in Extended  Reality.

Objectives: create a European XR-tech community; build an  XR developer platform; award grants for innovative projects; develop an XR-tech research agenda; foster technology transfer and investments. The project started in December 2018 with a budget of EUR 3 million.

Research & Innovation Actions

The projects have started in July - November 2019 with a total budget of EUR 23.4 million.

  • ARETE use of Augmented Reality in education, to build a pan-European competitive ecosystem that supports fast dissemination of augmented learning content to a wide audience.
  • ARTwin - Augmented Reality cloud platform and digital twins solution for industry 4.0 and construction 4.0 to enhance productivity and quality.
  • iv4XR - intelligent verification and validation for Extended Reality systems based on techniques from Artificial Intelligence.
  • PRESENT creates virtual characters that are realistic in looks and behaviour and can act as trustworthy guardians and guides in the interfaces for AR, VR and more traditional forms of media.
  • PRIME-VR2 develops a collaborative VR rehabilitation environment that uses a serious gaming virtual space to provide stimulus, socialisation and friendly competition for users on the path to rehabilitation.
  • TACTILITY incorporates rich and meaningful tactile information into novel interaction systems to increase the quality of immersive VR experience used locally or remotely.

Source: European Commission Digital Single Market News