The vision of the University is to create a dynamic learning environment focused upon the student, to achieve regional recognition as forward-looking and high-quality research and teaching institution, to diffuse new knowledgeand provide students with knowledge and skills for successful careers.It aspires to attract a wide range of students from Cyprus, Greece and other European countries, as well as Middle East and Asia.

The University aims at achieving this vision through four basic venues, and, in particular, through high-quality programmes that respond to the needs of the regional economy and job market, through high-quality academic personnelwith long experience in teaching and research at leading overseas universities, through the use of the latest teaching and learning technologies and through the provision of complete and fully equipped university facilities.

Programmes of Study

The University offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes covering a wide range of popular disciplines, such as Business Administration, Accounting, Architecture, and Psychology.It also offers some innovative and unique programmes in the fields of Real Estate and Construction Management. All undergraduate programmes have a duration of four years,except the programme in Architecture,which continues to a fifth year that leads to the Diploma in Architecture, a necessary qualification for securing professional accreditation by the Cyprus Technical Chamber.

The following undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are offered by Neapolis University:


• BSc in Psychology
• Bachelor and Diploma in Architecture and Environmental Design
• BSc in Real Estate, Valuation and Development
• BSc in Business Administration
• BSc in Accounting, Banking and Finance (with specializations in Banking and Finance, or Accounting and Finance)


• MSc in Educational Psychology
• MSc in Real Estate
• MSc in Construction Management
• MBA (with specializations in Finance, Real Estate, General Management, Construction Management and International Tourism Management)
• MSc in Accounting, Banking and Finance
• MA in Theological Studies
• MSc in Public Administration

Research Mission

Neapolis University aims at becoming a regional centre of research excellence and expertise across multiple and interrelated disciplines, focusing on critical academic and industry issues of local and regional appeal. Research is an integral and important dimension of the university's educational activity as it contributes to all aspects of course development, module content, curriculum structure, and student learning.

The University's academic staff is expected to engage in high-quality research and scholarly activity as a means of updating their knowledge and incorporating in their teaching the latest developments in their particular fields of specialization.
The University, recognizing the critical role of research capability in providing high-quality education, has embedded research enhancement in its strategic development plan as it pertains to student achievement, academic development, staff appointments and resource management.

Student Life - Campus Life

The Neapolis University campus offers a creative and diverse environment that allows students to enrich their experience at the University trough participation in several cultural, social and athletic activities. NUP strives to create a diverse multilingual, multicultural and international campus community that welcomes everyone and fosters friendships between people. The university not only welcomes, but embraces, a student body enriched by individuals that reflect diverse nationalities, cultures, interests, and points of view.

Students can enrol in the Student Union and the different cultural, social and athletic clubs that are already active in the University. Theseassociations arrange quite frequently extra-curriculum activities and trips that allow students to develop their own interests and hobbies. Furthermore, throughout the year, the city and the overall district of Pafos host numerous cultural, social and sporting events, enabling young people to involve actively in the community. Students are encouraged to take action, get involved and participate in the various happenings of the city, as mentors, co-organizers, collaborators and instigators.
Within the campus, there are two central outdoor areas, namely the large swimming pool and the garden area on the ground floor, where students and their friends to unwind, relax, socialise and mingle. During leisure, students can partake in a game of chess and other board games under the shaded and landscaped areas around the pool and the snack bar or in the gardens.
Underpinning the idea for fun and relaxation, indoor spaces are designed to be spacious, well-lit, ventilated and well-equipped to cater for a wide range of indoor games, meetings for various clubs and other activities. NUP's large cafeteria is situated in front of the pool featuring sofas and loungers, as well as TV screens with digital services. The Cinematography and Sports

Student Clubs do make most use of this space by organizing cinema and sports nights with snacks and beverages. There are WI-Fi routers around campus, enabling free access to wireless internet both indoors and outdoors.

Student housing

En-suite rooms are fully-furnished with balconies overlooking the interior landscaped gardens and swimming pool or offer a seaside view. They are supported by communal fully-furnished kitchens. The low monthly rent includes electricity provision and water supply, as well as wireless unlimited internet services.

Sports Facilities

The university campus has its own health centre with indoor swimming pool, gym, weight room, fitness room, shower and changing rooms, as well as outdoor tennis courts and a swimming pool. Furthermore, the students can use, free of charge, the facilities of the near-by Geroskipou Sports Centres, that includean Olympic-size swimming pool, gym, football, tennis, basketball and beach-volley courts.

Daily living

Pafos, an energetic and multi-cultural city, combines the new and old with its history and modernity; and offers loads of exciting things to do and lots of amazing places to see. During the day, there are many activities for students to engage in. The mild climate, the beautiful natural landscapes in and around the city and the city's somewhat looser urban fabric make city-living quite relaxed, easy and comfortable.
Pafos' position along the shoreline and its close proximity to the rolling foothills of the Troodos Mountain Range, the Pafos Forest and the natural reserve of the Akamas Peninsula, offer great and exciting recreational outdoor activities. The restored harbour square, southern waterfront esplanade and the Lighthouse promenade in Kato Pafos, as well as the Mouttallos and Moussallas districts located on rocky outcrops overlooking the city and the coastal valley offer more leisurely and low-keyed activities throughout the year.

For further and more detailed information,, tel: 0035726843300, fax: 0035726931944 Address: 2 Danais Avenue, P.O. Box 61744 , 8042 Pafos - Cyprus