The Open University of Cyprus is a Higher Education Institution that offers graduate and post graduate programs, as well as short-term educational/training programs, through open and distance learning education.

Through the open entrance system all citizens are given the opportunity to enter a higher education institute, promoting lifelong learning, while the short term education programs citizens can be informed on peak issues during their career.

Every student has the opportunity to participate through the following methods:

1.     using the appropriate printed, especially designed material,

2.     receiving digital material either through the internet or cd´s,

3.     viewing lectures through the internet,

4.     through direct contact with the tutors through modern technology, and finally

5.     downloading material from the OUC webpage.

Also, the OUC´s mission is to promote scientific research through the participation in European research and educational programs, and the development of technology and methodology in open and distance learning.  

The Open University aspires to set its own stigma to the Cypriot and wider European area, offering the public the most modern technological infrastructure and educational methodology.

For more information, please visit the following website: